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Dallas Remodeling Contractor & Construction Services

When it comes to professional Dallas Remodeling Contractor and construction services, Monoxy® is the name you can trust. Our team of experienced industry experts has a keen eye for detail and has a vast working concept of reasonable building practices. We make it a point to couple our design and build teams because we don't expect you, the client, to wait for one team to finish before the other can being. And that is just part of what sets our Dallas Construction Services apart from other contractors.

Design Services

Dallas Design Services At Monoxy® we offer the best in professional design services. We have been taking care of the needs of customers in this field since first opening our doors in 2001. Now, let us show you how our process works and how we can put it to work for you. Read More

Medical Facilities

Dallas Medical Facility Remodeling The specifications of medical facilities are unique to other types of remodeling and construction needs. The good news is that our team of experts knows this and knows how to meet all industry guidelines. Let us help you with your dental office, clinic, hospital or other related structure. Read More

Office Space

Dallas Office Renovations Office space can quickly be in need of a change of look or layout. Or it could be that you need this type of structure built from the ground up. For any size project, budget or deadline, let us take care of your project. Read More

Retail Space

Retail Remodeling Dallas The way people show has changed a great deal over the past few decades. Nowadays you have to appeal to shoppers who have not only other stores as your competition, but the entire world of online shopping. We know what it takes to appeal to your demographics and entice them to want to return. Read More


Industrial Renovations Dallas Industrial remodeling and construction is another area that requires exact knowledge of the industry specifications required. It is essential that you work with someone who has the training, skill and hands on experience to tackle this type of work. At Monoxy® we are dedicated to working with you for any of your time or budgetary restrictions, while still delivering the work you hoped for. Read More

New Construction & Additions

New Construction and Additions Dallas In some cases it is about doing more than renovating the space you already have; it can be about creating from new. This is the case for both new construction and additions. We can help you move your project from concept phase into design and develop. Let us work with you to make the most of your next project by offering you the finest in design, handiwork and customer care. Read More

Retail Commercial Interior Finish-Outs

New Construction and Additions Dallas Your retail business needs a specific look which relays a proper image and supports the function of your unique business. The interior of the building should be properly finished to enhance every opportunity for earning revenue from your retail establishment. An interior finish-out is the final stage of construction which accomplishes this goal. Read More

If you are looking for Construction Services in Dallas then please call 214-436-3757 or complete our online request form.